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Practice Areas

We can provide you with services and advice in the following areas.

Employment Law

We negotiate directly on behalf of clients in order to resolve disputes and will prepare the necessary documentation relating to industrial and employment law matters. We also regularly represent clients at all stages of Fair Work Commission applications including drafting of applications, negotiation and conciliation conferences.

Construction Law

We offer legal advice regarding all stages of a construction project, including contract review and drafting, claim preparation, dispute resolution, and the security of payments legislation. We can also assist you with advice regarding project documentation, procurement, contract administration and statutory and regulatory compliance.

Residential & Commercial Conveyancing

We deal with commercial and domestic real estate transactions, commercial leasing, strata law , mortgages and securities documentation for real estate transactions. We also provide advice and documentation for government development planning and control regulations.

Wills, Estate Planning, Probate & Administration

We can provide comprehensive advice on all issues related to wills, estate planning including the role of superannuation, the administration of deceased estates, the establishment and operation of types of trusts (including discretionary and testamentary trusts) and the necessary documentation.

Commercial, Corporations & Contract Law

We provide a comprehensive range of services including: establishment, acquisition, merger, restructuring and disposal of companies, businesses and associations, securities documentation, advice on life insurance and superannuation law, commercial property transactions and leasing, distribution agreements, and joint venture documentation.

General Legal Advice

Regardless of your matter, you can contact us and we will be able to provide you with a solution. Whether that solution is advice or a referral to a qualified specialist who will be able to provide you with the advice you need. 

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